The Sultans of Sandwich


Roberto Serrini and Jeremy Spector have a sandwich problem. They love them. 

Roberto met Jeremy after hearing tales of a hamburger so tasty it will make you a vegetarian because, after eating it, seriously, whats the point of ever eating more meat again. The tales were true and Roberto was quick to document the experience with a short doc. Since that collaboration Jeremy and Roberto have been creating food fantastic content together with a passion.

MMAS came out their sheer love for the bread hugged meal. They quickly realized that everyone loves a good sandwich, particularly chefs, and the show took off. The premise was simple; find our favorite chefs, and ask them to make us their favorite sandwich. The results were unexpected; from your classic Sausage Sandwich to the exotic Fluffernutter. One thing was clear; the love for the sandwich was strong, and lots of people loved the show. 

Soon the show took on a life of its own. Gothamist called it a revelation of breaded invention. Serious Eats said it made their mouth water on their keyboards. We even got a call from Arianna Huffington asking us for a recipe. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the show was the discovery of the world's best sandwich, The Horrowitz Pastrami Sandwich. A secret menu item that was only ordered from those in the know, which is now the basis for its own successful restaurant in the East Village. 

To bring a sandwich into this world is truly a think of beauty. To eat said sandwich, is nothing short of divine. 

serrini and spector

Roberto Serrini is a director, travel filmmaker, and global consumer of sandwiches. His work can be seen on his production website

Jeremy Spector is an award winning Chef of the Brindle Room, Mister Paradise and creator of PGB foods, and the father of the worlds best hamburger. Go get your lips around one right away.